Nov 12, 2008


These are some crafts that Mom was making in 1973.
The ice cream is made with paraffin wax and looked edible.

I remember the mice in the stockings being on our tree for quite a while.

Puppets and decoupage.


Emmalea said...

The crafts served 2 purposes. #1 - therapy to maintain sanity while raising our 3 beautiful boys #2 - a way to get extra money for Christams gifts. I had a few craft shows in our home and also participated in organized shows for several years. The kids always "helped" while I made the crafts and also spent a little time at the craft shows. I think Aunt Dixie may still have one of those candle sodas!

Brian said...

I remember one of the few times that Dixie and the girls came up and visited us on Lexington Ave. was while you were making these.

Is that right?

Emmalea said...

That would have been at....
14-51 Lex-ing-ton

Your memory is stellar!