Jan 2, 2008

King Kong?

This slide is also dated 1977 and I think Dad is sporting his King Kong look to keep up with the times.

I can't say I remember your beard ever being that long.

Very Grizzly Adams looking.

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Emmalea said...

Not sure how long Dad sported that look! I can tell you, I did not like the hairy face-so it was usually grown only during hunting season. I believe the photo was taken just before he shaved it off, proving that he really did miss my kisses and snuggles after all. He would always shave it off in intervals - ending his good-bye with either a mustache or a gotee before it all came off. This would sometimes take a few days. He likes to tell the story now that when he got down to the mustache - people at work commented - "Hey, look, Ted's growing a mustache." not even noticing the beard was gone. That made me think that no one else liked his beard either! I think it is funny that all you Butler guys hold on to chin hair now. Dad acutally looks distinguished and wise. Obviously the withdrawl of kisses and snuggles is no longer a big deal to him! But - he looks great!~Mom