Jan 14, 2008

Loads of Pictures

Here are several other pictures I found of our reunion at the Gordon farm.
We had a blast there that day.

I remember Sherri and I going out into the corn field (probably ten feet) and thinking we were lost. Just before we panicked one of the farm dogs came down our row and we followed the dog out to the yard.

We were like "The dog saved us!" It was a real Lassie moment.

I also remember shooting sparrows in a shed with a BB gun and jumping out of the hay loft.

Who knows what the parents did that day but I had a good time with the cousins.

While thinking about the Lassie rescue event of the day I found myself trying to picture the dog that was our hero that day. Then while looking at the pictures as I posted them, low and behold there is a dog in the picture below (by the barn) that matches the dog in my memory.

What was the name of the dog Gordon cousins? Was it just a stray that could have killed Sherri and I? Was it a faithful good dog? Fill me in.

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Anonymous said...


Good stuff. The dog that saved your lives that day was Fawn. She was a good pup and was later killed by our bus driver while on our way to school one morning.

She once kept some coyotes from attacking Doug and I when we were out in the woods.

The Gordon's own Lassie.

I remember the day of the reunion but have never seen any pics of the actual event. If you have more please send them to my email addy dgordon_1966@yahoo.com.

Keep up the good work!!!

Cuzin Dave