Jan 4, 2008

The Butler Bunch

Wow! I never knew we were so groovy.

We were the Brady Bunch. I do not remember Dad's hair ever being that long or Mom's hair being so curly and Dad has a pretty styling shirt too.

This is nothing though. My next post will be Brett with the Brady perm!


Me said...

I love the Butler Bunch even more than the Brady Bunch - and everyone knows how much I LOVE the Bradys!

Brett said...

I like how Brian's stripes decide to switch directions.

Emmalea said...

I love how happy dad looks. He must have known this would be a source of humor someday. He was saving his joy.~ Mom

Brian said...

I think my stripes change direction to make me look thinner!

What is up with Dad's tan and why are the rest of us so pale?

My guess is that he had been working in the garden and we were watching T.V..