Jan 22, 2008


It is now clear who Johnny Depp got his inspiration from. . . not Kieth Richards but Brett the original pirate of the Caribbean.


Emmalea said...

Brett is much cuter than those other guys who have tried to be like him. Do you remember where this photo was taken? It was at Uncle Jerry's house. Seems like Brian was a scarecrow that year - but not real sure. Even though Dad and I no longer have the slides and photos to rummage through, we sure are glad that Brian has them and started this blog. The old photos would have been left in boxes and not enjoyed until after our funerals. I love that we get a chance to read the memories from the kid's point of view - as well as share moments from the parental side. Welcome to all the cousins participating in the fun. Now if the rest of you lurkers get on board this blog could increase in fun! Love you all ~ mom a/k/a aunt Emmie

brett said...

The belt makes it into another picture. It's already showing signs of wear. It looks like one of the grommets has disappeared.