Jan 7, 2008

Brady Perm

Nice Perm.

I remember this event but I don't remember why Mom is curling Brett's hair in this slide.

I hope Brett and Mom can fill in the details.

It looks like Mom and I are holding his hands down so we could get a good picture.

I probably shouldn't have picked on Brett today because he gave me a cool gift this weekend.
A Batman ball cap and T-shirt. Very much appreciated, thanks you very much and I bet you can't guess what I wore to work today.


Brett said...

For some reason, I thought Todd Burke's brother's hair was cool. I didn't realize that a 'fro could not be duplicated.

Emmalea said...

Brett really wanted a perm - like he said, to get that Tim Burk look. Rather than forbid it I thought if I talked him in to trying the not so pemanent way, he might change his mind. I also made sure he knew that it would take a LONG time to get a perm and it stunk really bad. The plan worked -- maybe too well. Do you suppose this event captured on a slide (and now made public) has anything to do with him willingly shave his head to shiny? Hmmmm-wonder what I did to Chad that convinced him to go chrome dome? AND - how did Brian come out of this era unmarked --- in hairstyles? Looks like perhaps it was a "hairiffic" trauma the poor boys dealt with. I handled it the best way I could -- before Oprah and Dr. Phil were around to give advice. ~ Mom

Brian said...

Thanks for "straighting" that out for me.

I wonder what Tim Burk is up too? I run into Todd every now and then but not Tim.