Jan 10, 2008

Big Barrel

Do you know where this was taken?

Cave City is my guess but I am not for sure. Chad is wearing the Campbell Soup shirt he had on in this picture. So I figure it was about the same time. Brett and I are wearing different clothes in this one verses what we were wearing in the fun house so maybe its not the same day but same trip or we got more scared than I remembered in the fun house and had to change clothes.

Brothers and parents do you remember?

If so fill in the details for me.


Emmalea said...

It's not the same day at Guntown Mountain. You don't look the same age and everyone is tan. I think it is on our return from a Florida vacation - probably a stop somewhere around Gatlingburg. The building in the background on the left looks to good to be around Cave City and looks like it has MT. Mom's - making me think the Tennessee mountains. Is there a year on the slide - that might jog Dad's memory a bit better. Chad is looking down at the ground like looking for something...I think money. Brian always found money when we traveled. I think Chad had learned to be on the look out for shiney spots on the ground.~Mom

Brian said...

The slide is dated 1976.

Anonymous said...

The Flag in the picture only has 48 stars, so you must be in an area that was trying to recreate an older time.-Randy E