Jan 2, 2008

Christmas Cool

I am obviously too cool for Santa in these pictures and that made me wonder why.

Then I saw it.

I am wearing a custom made, one of a kind, King Kong necklace!

Who could touch that for cool? Certainly not Santa.

This slide is dated 1977 when the remake of King Kong came out. It has since been remade yet again.

I think I have a cassette somewhere where I am singing a song I made up about King Kong.
If I find it I will humiliate myself and post it for all to hear.

Thanks Mom. I wish I still had this today but sadly if I have it I have no idea where it is. :0(

1 comment:

Emmalea said...

My stoneware necklace creations sold well at the Calico Frog in Nashville. I painted all kinds of critters - everything from frogs to groundhogs-including it's shadow on the back side. I forgot about King Kong! Racoons and owls were really big sellers at the time. The string was waxed jute - in several colors. You know Brian, I think you may be helping Dad and me fight off Alsheimers. All this memory jogging might be jarring loose some cobwebs and calcium deposits! Thanks Bri!~Mom