Jan 9, 2008

Down on the Farm

This is at the Gordon's farm but I don't remember why we were there.

My guess is a reunion because we have several pictures of the day and I think thats Uncle Ray and others throwing horse shoes in the background and horse shoes is only done at reunions.

How many cousins do you see?

I see Staperts, Weltons, Gordons and Brett and I.


brett said...

Two in the buggy were from Illinois, I think one's name was Rusty. I think Chad's sitting in the front. Is this the farm that the boy's burned down the barn later?

Emmalea said...

OK-I have confirmation of family "Lurkers" not commenting on the blog - but sharing their comments with others. This time I will pass on what has been shared with me, in a combined comment.
Confirmation of those in the photo:
Ray Stapert and Brad Welton in the field playing horseshoes, Dee Dee Gordong and Ronda Stapert (seemingly) pulling the cart, Rick Welton with brother Rustin on his lap, Chad Butler scrunched down, Steve Stapert next to Rick, Brett Butler next to Steve. Sondra was doing the real work (pushing the cart). Sondra is visable by the wheel-but pointed out 2 other sets of feet. The guess was the feet belonged to Sherri and maybe David Gordon. Bret Gordon, Rob Welton, and Brian Butler complete the cousins group that was probably looking for a horse to pull the cart.

Just kids having fun--never thinking what their lives would be like 35 years later...
Rob is the only one that did not get to see full adulthood. He was killed in an auto accident when he was 16 or 17. Most of the cousins in this photo now have kids close to that age. The photo serves as a reminder to hold each day dear, love your kids intensely, and thank God everyday for the gift of children. You know, as a Believer, the only thing you can have with you from this earth in heaven is your children. Eternity will be the ulitmate REUNION!!!!

uncle eddie said...

The farm pictures brought back a lot of memories which gets hard to do as I get older. The dogs' name that "saved" you two varmits was named Champ, and was a registered tri-colored Collie. The barn he is looking at is the one Dave and Doug eventually burnt down. The ponys' name was Molly.
As for what the parents were doing when the pictures were taken, they were probably "pigging out". I had stayed up all nite roasting a pig on a spit. How the pig came to be on that spit, is a whole other story. I'll leave kid recognition up to your cousins. I hardly recognize my own kids these days, let alone in old pictures.
I think that's me driving the pony cart, but it could be Elvis or Buddy Holly.