Jan 24, 2008

Too Small?

Brett commented on this photo the other day.
"It must have rained earlier in the day because it looks like my clothes shrunk. Mom would have never let me walk out of the house in those, would she?"

Boy this sure tells us something about ourselves doesn't it?

We notice ourselves and point out what seems to be a glaring embarrassment while missing other obvious embarrassments of others.

Brett comments about his clothes and doesn't mention that I look like Jim Carey from Dumb and Dumber.
Pretty selfish Brett.

Lets zoom in and see what is so embarrassing for you.

Hmm, Well I might have jumped up on my soap box a little bit early.

I think your clothes are a tad bit too small for you.

Nice belly shirt and Michael Jackson pants!!!!!


Emmalea said...

I rest my case in reqard to trusting the authenticity of photos posted on the blog. Besides your Billie-Bob teeth, Brian - dad pointed out that Brett's pants are even shorter in your zoom than the original - or more like the socks became longer.

What "really" happened that Brett is dressed like this is....Brett fell in cow poo at the gathering. To protect his image of "cool" - Brett talked his little brother, Chad (who absolutely adored his big brothers) into trading clothes. What little brother wouldn't want to wear Big Brother's clothes? Since it has been established that Brett was obviously a fashion trend-setter - he was secure in his borrowed attire at the time.

As MOM, I was unaware of the trade in clothes until Chad came crying to me that kids wouldn't play with him anymore - saying he smelled bad. Luckily, I always packed another set of clothes for Chad - because of his perpetual wet shirt sydrome.

See - there are other ways to alter the photograph memories... other than Photo Shop! ~ Mom

Brett said...

I did notice that this photo is not with our cousins, but with the Markward/Sturgill clan. The boy on the far right of the original picture is definitley Matt Sturgill. And I don't remember the cow poo incident, but I wouldn't put it past me.

Emmalea said...

Thanks Brett, for identifying the photo was with the Sturgells. I was trying to figure out who the little guy on the left was. With your information update - my brain immediately identified the boy - J.M. Richards!

And read my post again. There was not really a cow poo incident. I altered this photo memory by words rather than photo shop. Since Brian is taking poetic license in photo shop, I thought I would have fun with words instead. I couldn't let Brian have all the fun. Remember he has added flying saucers, his "Jim Carey" teeth, given your deer a lipstick smile, changed the eye on your deer -- as well as adding your infamous belt to your football and deer slayer photo. You have to watch him - like Where's Waldo - it's more like "what's authentic". He's sure making it fun though.~Mom

Brian said...

Nobody has mentioned Brett's belly!

I shortened his pants, made his belly show and made his shirt tighter.

(No UFO's in this one though.