Jan 29, 2008


This is me, Jan and Brett in 1983.

Jan Hanson, pronounced Yen Hinson, was from Denmark.

He lived with a family by the name of Graphman that went to school with us but they didn't have many (or any?) boys so Jan hung out with us a lot.

He kicked for the football team and we lived close to the school and we got along well with him.

I still remember the most difficult word to say in Danish, by Jan's estimation. Ouit Couit Laflour. He said it was some kind of strawberry desert. I figured it was a bad word because he always laughed when we tried to say it.

It was fun to get to know someone from another country and Jan opened up the door for a Dutchman who lived with us my senior year but thats another story for another slide.


brett said...

I think that's the football I earned by painting the house. While painting on the second story, I was stung by I wasp right on the eyelid. I dropped the paint on the roof, and ended up getting a blck eye from the sting. The pain I've suffered for football!

Brian said...

I don't remember that, I must have been in the house watching cartoons.

It's a good thing you were always wearing your shoulder pads and it sounds like you should have had your helmet on too.

Emmalea said...

How about those handsome Butler boys! Wish we would hear from Jen again. Last time we saw him he was on his way around the world before serving his mandantory time in the service. Before taking him to meet the greyhound bus I presented salvation to him. He hugged me and said "Not now....maybe when I get older." It broke my heart to hear him say that. I stopped by NLBC after he loaded on the bus and cried and prayed that I would soon receive a letter saying he had prayed to receive Christ. Pastor Goodwin was so kind - assuring me that I had done as God commanded - it was up to Jan and the Holy Spirit. Pray we hear from Jan again. It could happen. He is older now!~Mom