Jul 11, 2008

Summer Fun

Brett and Chad under a basketball goal post where Dad's pole barn now stands.
The green station wagon and Datsun B210 are in the background as well as a treeless yard.
Chad never fails to disappoint- nice face and fine Buster Brown shoes.

Swinging in the side yard.
We never flipped it but I remember coming close.
As long as we employed perfect synchronizity we could swing as high as we wanted, as Brett and Chad are demonstrating here.
Again zero trees and great shoes.

This is Steve on the Monkey swing at 1451 Lexington
(I always have to say it because it rhymes).

This was a great swing. We would jump out of the tree on to it and have a blast.
I never remember grass being on the ground under that swing.
We have some home movies of us swinging on this great swing, maybe I will find them this winter a post them.


to share said...
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics...

brett said...

I remember the basketball goal being about where it is now but facing the south. This picture looks like its on the end of the driveway. Did it move, or is this the startings of the barn?

Brian said...

It is at the end of the driveway but it is in a different location.

After we built the barn we moved the goal.

I don't think we put the goal up right after the barn was done either.

Remember jumping from the top of the goal in the picture with a parachute form a flare?