Jul 25, 2008


What a combination!

The mailbox, the yard with tiny trees and double bubble shirts.

The mailbox was yesterdays feature and this picture has been posted before but Brett's wife Tracy just can't get enough of the Double Bubble. (I have found more!)

Anyway Mom commented yesterday on the yard and the damage Dad's trees have suffered due to recent storms.

They have also been dying because of some mold, fungus or something. My youngest son Joel says "If you talk about Papaw's trees dying you have to remember to take off your hat." Dad does revere his trees.

Most of the trees came in the mail and we spent many a Saturday digging holes and planting them.

Did I ever tell you that I have jumped over all of these trees? (This is just for my kids.)

So here are some pictures just behind the mailbox. You can see the big difference in the yard. We are cleaning up some of the downed limbs for Dad.

Brett trying to break another chainsaw while I supervise. This is my job because I am the oldest.

I am inspecting closely the work that Brett is doing.

Photos of people picking up sticks is not something you see often. I now know why. It is quiet flattering.

You can see Brett's daughter, Paige, in the background.

Mom and Dad also thank Elaine, Megan, Levi, Hope (Levi's girlfriend), Joel, and Blake for helping that night but aren't in these pics. (Send them and I will post them.)


brett said...

If I break anymore chainsaws, Dad will probably relegate me to the "Kentucky Chainsaw" that Bill Self (Jim and Lori's Dad) made for Dad last Spring. It's a curved tree limb with a length of chain fastened to both ends.

brett said...

Nice doctored buck teeth on you and me. Also notice that I actually bring work home from school.

Tracy said...

Doctored up buck teeth...I thought you two looked like characters from Dumb and Dumber (specifically Jim Carrey's). I really love those shirts! Chad must have gotten really tired of them.

Brian said...

Sadly I did not doctor up the teeth or they would have been much larger. I think its a side affect of scanning the slide or a glare.

Maybe we had buck teeth? No we didn't.

I will admit it when you bust me altering photos and I didn't touch this one.

Jim Carrey eat your heart out!!!