Jul 24, 2008


The Family mailbox.

Mom painted a raccoon for every family member.
Dad, Mom, Brian, Brett and Chad

I like how Mom made Chads Raccoon Drool.

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Emmalea said...

If anyone had our mailing addresses since we lived in Trfalgar they would think we were renters not home owners. In the 34 years in Trafalgar we have had 3 addresses - RR2 Box 103K - Box 84 and 3914 S. 475 W. - but alas - only one house (home). Box 84 was the timely being when Brett was working for 84 Lumber. We had 84 Lumber bumper stickers to use.

God certainly has blessed our Trafalgar homeplace...growing a forest that blocked seeing the road for several years. Now the forest is opening up, losing limbs and trees to age and disease - but - we can see the road again.
~ Mom