Jul 31, 2008


Opryland was visited by the Butler's in 1973.

I didn't think that the park lasted much longer than a couple of years but to my surprise it did.

It opened in 1972 and stayed open until 1997!

Mr. Guitar with Mr. Banjo and Mrs. fiddle to the right.

They must have been very popular because we had to fight the crowd to get near them.

Finally Chad and I make a break to see Mrs. fiddle.

We waited patiently for the crowd to thin so Dad could get a clean picture of us with her.

Just as the crowd parts for the perfect photo op, Dad is distracted by the balloon girl.

Mom busts Dad and gives him the hairy eyeball and asks "What are you doing?".

Sadly all little Chad is left with is his corncob pipe and a disappointed look.

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Anonymous said...

another happenin event in 1973, the birth of Ms. Bridget Polly :)