Jul 28, 2008

Calico Frog

Mom in her store the Calico Frog. Which was a store she owned in Nashville Indiana.

A view of the inside.

I Googled "Calico Frog" to see if anything would come up and to my surprise it did.

Seems there is a store in Middlebury, Indiana called Calico Frog. Sounds like it is a scrap booking store and no way near as cool as Mom's store.


Brett said...

From what I remember, this looks like the original "Calico Frog" before it moved close to the Dillinger Museum. Didn't the "We don't accept crumpled up dollar bills" happen at this location?

Emmalea said...

BINGO! Brett is correct. This is the location where only crisp, clean, flat dollar bills was taken as payment -- when Chad worked the counter. This is also where Chad sold his first artwork - teddy bear sketches for 25 cents each. The "blue-haired ladies" that frequented the craft shops loved you guys. Awwwww - you were all SO adorable! Who could resist you?

This is the spot you guys hung out to find the best trashcans in Nashville, and invented an ice cream flavor from Baskin Robbins that included real gravel.

The 2nd location was the one that we added the best theft deterant in town. "Remember - if we didn't see you take it ---- GOD DID!"

Thanks for the visit to Nashville, Indiana today guys.

Greg Adams said...

What were the years when the Calico Frog was open?

I found a copy of a songbook called "The Indian Tribe-une Old Favorite Song Book" that was published by Indian Creek Publishing Company of Trafalgar, Indiana. I'm guessing that it was created by Indian Creek High School. One of the advertisers on the back is the Calico Frog in Nashville, Indiana. The songbook had to have been published between 1960 and sometime in the 1970s.