Jul 1, 2008


Do you think I liked this cake? Could I smile any bigger? Thanks Mom.

This looked like a fun party. I plan to put more pictures of it up tomorrow because today we are focusing on the cakes!

Mom looks as excited as I did in the first picture.

1983, Lionel Richie concert shirt and the checkered shoes (I am wearing a pair as I type) and the cutest girl in the world by my side. I love you Elaine!!

1984, Hawaiian shirt (Just recently retired) and a cool haircut. Nice Hagar the Horrible cake too.

A Little Debbie cake for my 21st birthday. What is such a cute girl doing with the dork wearing a Jim Varney button? Or should I say "What do ya mean Vern?"

1989, Micheal Keaton's Batman came out and so did Batwoman!

We were expecting Megan that fall and my wife made me a cool cake.

I am wearing Patrick Star's shorts from Sponge Bob Square Pants. I was years ahead of my time.

An over the hill cake for my 30th birthday. I still see some Batman stuff around and little Megan is in front of me.

I also noticed my cool Planet of the Apes watch from Taco Bell that I am sporting.

Man I wish I had a reason to get another cool cake and more dork attire.

Any suggestions?


Me said...

I have to say I am still impressed with my Batman cake! Three weeks of cake decorating classes really paid off. LOL!!

Is this a not-so-subtle hint to get another Batman themed birthday cake and party out of me?

Holy Bat-birthdays! To the Bat-kitchen!

Emmalea said...

You are still the easiest kid to please when it comes to birthday themes.