Mar 19, 2009

Super Hero Museum 13

This is not the actual Batmoblie from the movie but a replica of it.

I think the owner said that it was built on a Corvette frame and was street legal.

Even the cowling slid forward.

It shot fire out the back too.

The owner said the fire marshal made him remove all flammable liquids and igniter in order to display it.

The shields function worked to fast for me to catch it on camera. Sorry.


Brian Ashmore said...

You look like you are about ready to jump in and abscond with that sweet ride. "Honey, is anyone looking? You distract the guards. Kids, run for the doors on 3. Okay, GO!!"

Of course, we all know that a good citizen wouldn't think of such things.

I like the giant Batman figure on the shelf in the background, too. That's a great one.

Brian said...

Yes a giant Batman like that one stands guard over my work computer.