Mar 9, 2009

Super Hero Museum 11

The Batboat!

Here are Joel, Megan and I with the Batboat.

I finally got the kids out of the way and now its just me and the Batboat!

Joel got me out of the way and now it is Joel and the Batboat.

Here are some interiors of the Batboat.

This was just a replica of the real Batboat but still pretty sweet.


Bubbashelby said...

That is so cool!

My penchant is for truth and justice and the American way, but if I was ever to turn to evil I think my first crime would be to pull a heist on the superhero museum, if for nothing more than the irony of it!

Brian said...

Would your costume be an evil Woodchuck?

Brian Ashmore said...

That is SO cool!

Is that a can of shark repellant I see under the seat? That could really come in handy!