Mar 27, 2009


Mom and her gang known as the Riverside four.

This is the official police line up photo of the gang that was used in the wanted posters.
Mom was the ring leader and is the one dressed in black.

Or maybe this is Mom with her friends at Riverside Park.
Riverside park has not been there in years but was thriving when Mom was young.

Mom's Dad worked out there as a guard on the giant roller skating rink and this picture was taken there.

So she might have been in trouble for playing tag or skating in the wrong direction.


Emmalea said...

Just for the record for the family Dad was a floor guard at Melody Skateland for a couple of years before he died. Skateland was on the far west side of Indy, on Washington street. Lots of good family memories there, including my receiving Christ as Savior in 1958 at Skateland! BUT - until Skateland was built, we skated at Riverside...a lot. School 39 Raiders conitnued to have tons of skating parties at Riverside, so we frequented both rinks. Pre ticket sales was a PTA fundraiser. When we went to the school parties, I remember Dad takng a ton of kids in the Chevy station wagon. Everyone had someone on their lap for the trip to Riverside. This was before seat belts or school buses for public schools.

I remember this photo well. It was my birthday party at the rink! And it was the year before my Dad died. I have always wondered what it would have been like to have my Dad know his grandchildren. He would have loved you all! He was a great Dad. I miss him, but will see him again. He is waiting in heaven for me - and to meet his grandkids face to face! What a day of rejoicing that will be...Jesus and my Dad and Mom.....I'm ready to go!

Brian Ashmore said...

Ha! I could pick you out right away before even reading what Brian wrote, Emmalea! You haven't changed all that much. I can't say the same. :)

My Dad's Mom passed away when he was a kid. So, my brother, cousins, and I never knew her. There is only one photo of her in existence, also. I'm really hoping to have the same kind of reunion (I guess it would actually be a first-time meeting) with her, someday.

Emmalea said...

Heaven definintely will be the highlight of existing. God is so good to give us HI promises to look forward to. I still have this little kid butterfly belly when I think about seeing them again. OO the good stuff is super but -- uh Oh, since we all will be there - forever - will they take time to question me on some of my behavior - aaa - I know God placed my sin as far as east is from west - but will Mom and Dad go by that ruling as well - or am I really going to catch it for....never mind. Somethings just need to wait to be fleshed out. :o)