Mar 5, 2009

Super Hero Museum 10

What are we gathered around?

One of the coolest things in the museum.

An original Robin costume for the 1960's Batman Television series.

It is surrounded by autographed pictures people who appeared in the series and it even had Robins gloves.

Here is Levi, my Robin, standing next to the costume.

I don't think it would fit him.

Close up.

I didn't get a close up of the gloves but I fully intended to go back and try to get better pictures.

There are other big items left to show you in the museum but this was by far my favorite item.


Bubbashelby said...

That is very cool!

Brian Ashmore said...

Nice shots. I wish I could have seen all this. It looks like Burt Ward must have been pretty tiny.

I see he's got a Batgirl Barbie with the cycle on the shelf. I think that's a cool set but I just couldn't get myself to "pull the trigger" on buying it.

I was SO on the fence. Sigh. I almost bought a Barbie. Shame. What will this obsession with all things "Bat" lead me to next?

Brian said...

You have me concerned.
Are you wearing tights right now?

Brian Ashmore said...

That's a little personal, don't you think...

Oh, alright. I'm not wearing tights but you were close. Ben Cooper Batman costume all the way. It's snug these days but it makes me feel heroic. It's kind of like my work uniform. My wife is getting tired of tying on the cape for me, though.

Bubbashelby said...

One of the benefits of having daughters - I can buy superhero Barbies with reckless abandon.