Mar 13, 2009

Bat Collection 2

My lovely wife told me I needed to add a shelf in my Batroom to display more of my Bat-goodies.

I wanted to display more of my action figures but they tend to fall off the shelf and Scooby, the dog, is tempted to chew on them.

This is not acceptable.

I decided to make each action figure a base to help keep him from falling off the shelf.

I used Sculpey to make the bases. Sculpey is a Play-doh type clay but once you put it in the oven it hardens.

I placed each figures feet into the Sculpey and made recesses to hold their feet.

I had to keep them in order or I would be up all night trying to find which figure went with which stand.

So after baking them in the oven for 15 minutes and according to Elaine "Filling the house with noxious fumes." They were done.

Here the many faces of Batman are able to stand without toppling over even while bread is being thrown on the table. (See background)

Taking their place on the shelf.

There that is better.

43 and I still have a toy room. Yeah Me!!!


Bubbashelby said...

Great idea with the Sculpey - I may have to try that one myself!

Brian Ashmore said...

That is SO cool getting to see your shelves full of Bat-stuff! I had forgotten about Bat-Duck!

Man, that Sculpey does have a way of stinking up the house when it bakes, doesn't it? Great idea for stands, though.

Brian Ashmore said...

Where's the clock?

Brian said...

I have a different shelf with the Bat-clock on it.

I have a couple more shelves actually.

I will probably paint the Sculpey black when it gets warmer out.