Mar 4, 2009

Supercross 2009

Levi getting us ready for the fireworks at the Supercross race.

Joel putting on his shoes while Elaine and Scooby watch.

Just Levi, Joel and I went from our house.

Elaine is not fond of crowds (61,500 +) and loud noises. Supercross has plenty of both.

We picked up Levi's girl, Hope, on the way. Levi even let me drive his Jeep.

Joel and I are acting like he is not taking our picture.
Looks like Levi is getting ready to kiss Hope and she looks like she is thinking it over.

She is totally posing in this one.

We parked at Faulkeberg's because it is free.

It was cold and we had to walk a mile but it was free.

You can see the rubble from the RCA Dome in front of the new Lucas Oil stadium.

Our view of the track when we first walked in.

Laser and fire show that goes on during the introduction of the top riders.

Here is the starting line.

Between qualifying and the main event they had some stunt riders put on a show.

The last trick was a back flip train. Four back flips in a row.

The last guy didn't make it.

Watch my video

The lights class holeshot. Notice all the fire at the start.

Us in the stands with Elaines brother, Danny.

Levi and Hope checking out the track.

Joel went up to the top row to see what it is like.

He said it made his legs wobbly.

Joel looking over the track and keeping an eye on a Colts player.

Levi and Hope looking at an Lucas Oil display of an engine.

Lucas pavilion with many racing displays.

The doors out to a mile walk, the Jeep and then our traditional White Castles.

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