Mar 12, 2009

UFO View Master


"Blast-off put the B142 space probe into orbit."

This is another reel I had as a kid .

It is from a another T.V. show that I remember watching called Unidentified Flying Objects.

It had all the elements I enjoyed.

UFO's, rockets, space things, mystery, small scale models and action.

The date on the reels is 1969, right when we were landing on the moon for the first time.

I can remember standing on the front porch and seeing a ship in orbit waiting to go to the moon.
It looked like a fast moving star and it wasn't the Neal Armstrong mission but one of the later lunar ones.

I do remember Dad taking us out to look at the moon and him saying "Men are standing on that right now!"


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Me said...

I was due to be born that fateful day they landed on the moon in 1969! But I was late. I think that set a pattern for my life.

But in my baby book is the front page of the Indianapolis Star from that day. How is that for something to blog about!

Love Elaine