Mar 25, 2009

Kentucky Road

My brothers and I walking down a road some where in Thompkinsville, Kentucky.

Not sure where we were or where we are going but it looks like its a nice day.

This is the trip we made to Kentucky and Dad took us all around his old stomping grounds.

I posted the Lemonade spring before HERE and HERE.

We are wearing the same coats from the slides in our Grandpa's barn too. HERE

Brett is throwing something, big surprise, and I have a camera.

I think the camera is the Pentax Spotmatic. I was on the yearbook staff then as a photographer and that was a nice camera.

I enjoyed yearbook/photography. Especially the darkroom work. Enlarging and developing film is what made me go into printing for a living. Just the other day I tried to get Elaine in a dark room to see what would develop. (Sorry that is an old photography joke)

Funny, film is now obsolete in printing. Time changes fast.

Grandpa and Grandma Butler dated in a horse and buggy but before they died men had walked on the Moon.

They saw change I just don't have to buy film or flash bulbs.

I just pull out my phone/camera/video camera/calendar/alarm clock/MP3 Player/texting/E-mail/web surfing/GPS/navigation/calculator device and snap a picture as time flies by.


karen said...

Brian, At the bottom of the road to the left is joe fred & betty's house. the road your on goes to the butler graveyard. Karen

Brian Ashmore said...

Great picture!

This would make a great back cover photo for the "Butler Band" band album with the barn photo on the front.

...or the cover to the live album, Butler Band: On the Road.

Brian said...

Karen = I thought this was that road but didn't remember it being gravel.

I don't know why we are walking either.

Maybe Dad may good one of the famous parent threats "If I have to pull this car over you will all just have to get out and walk!".

Brian = What would the songs be?
On the road again?
Dead skunk in the middle of the road?
Route 66?
Wait this just might work.