Mar 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Wow! Was this picture really taken thirty one years ago?
I remember this birthday vividly.

I think Moms sister Carol made her this lovely cake. Picture of Aunt Carol HERE

The cake has real chocolate icing but the rest was sponge cake, no foam cake.
Well it was made of foam like in a foam seat cushion and when Mom tried to cut it it would not cut. It just smashed down and sprang back up.

This was met with shouts of "Are you to old to cut a cake?" and "Need help?"

Mom was a good sport and we all had fun eating the icing off the foam.

Love you Mom and happy birthday.

You can see the many faces of my Mother that I have posted previously HERE.


Brian Ashmore said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Emmalea!

I'd love to be "over the hill" at 30, again.

Emmalea said...

Brian thought I am 60 but actually, I am 61 -- but I tell everyone I am 16 again - just backwards but a lot smarter than I as then....I think. However, 60 was so much fun, maybe I will just claim that age for another year. After 60 - you are just old - years don't matter.