Mar 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Joel

Joel turns fifteen today.

This past weekend we put a new jump on our track that runs around our yard and then we shot a video of Joel enjoying his last days of being fourteen.

Oh, the day after we shot this video he smacked a tree on his bike and has a nice big scrape down his thigh.

Ask him, he will show you.


Me said...

Happy Birthday Joel - Love Mom

Brian Ashmore said...

That video is just plain cool.

Emmalea said...

Just had lunch with Zap. His leg looks awesome - if you are into bloody scrapes. He is a great kid. I love how he loves "the edge". God will use that love to teach him the power of faith. Those on the sidelines watching him "press toward the mark" will be called to strengthen our faith as well!~the Nana
PS-totally cool action video.