Mar 19, 2009

Dinning Room

Here we are in the dinning room/kitchen area of the house.

Mom is messing with something while Niki, Chad and I look on.

The real fabric quilt wall is gone but I wonder if Mom still has the frog clock?


Emmalea said...

Don't have the frog clock anymore - it croaked a long time ago -- But I think I still have those jeans - and they still FIT! Wooo-Hoo!

Emmalea said...

OK - I think this may have been Niki's 5th b-day (Feb. 9th). Everyone is in long sleeved shirts but Chad, Chad has cotton in his ear (winter ear ache), and there were balloons up. It looks like I might be assisting Niki with a gift. She looks happy and engaged. I think that person to the right is Aunt Pearl. Looks like her arm and hand. Niki's first birthday with us would have been special. Dad thinks that person is Brett. NO WAY!

Tracy said...

That is not Brett. He doesn't remember the shirt and it's definitely memorable. That person looks too fluffy to be Brett. He was stick thin.

Brian said...

My guess is the person is Amy Arkenberg.