Mar 12, 2009


At my post in front of the television.

Yes I sucked my thumb and loved my blanky too.

I'm not sure what show it is that I am watching but it kinda looks like it has a James Bond kind of begining.

I am assuming I am watching the TV and not just looking at my portraits on top of the set.


Hey Kids the "dials" on the set we used to change the set to one of four channel options we had.

The "wire" on top of the TV is called an antenna. It is what received the signal from the air waves.

These shows were FREE too but they were in black and white.


Emmalea said...

I see a pic of Sondra and Ronda tucked in the corner of the Family portrait. You were probably waiting on Batman to come on the TV - or maybe Popeye and Janey. You were an only child once....for about 2 years and 5 months. Brett and Chad can't say that. You were so much fun we knew you needed other siblings with which to share the joy. You are still a fun son.
Love ya~MOM...and Dad, too (He really loves the blog - but has me do the commentaries.)

Brian Ashmore said...

You and your fancy TV with 4 channels...lucky.

In Montana, we had 2. One doubled as CBS and NBC. No kidding.

Karen said...

If only the kids these days could experience what we did.I also love your blog Brian. keep them coming. Love your cousin Karen

Brian said...

Thanks to all for coming and trying to make heads or tails out of my ramblings.

Me said...

We always had to use a clothes pin to hold the knob in just the right place to get the channel to come in. We also usually had aluminum foil on the antenna.

You and your love of TV crack me up. The two shows I would come in from playing to watch were The Brady Bunch and Wild, Wild West.

I am not the TV expert you are though. I didn't really watch a lot of TV in the 70's because I had to go to bed at 7pm!


Anonymous said...

It's not James Bond too many swirls. The beginning of James Bond represents the rifleing in the barrel of the Walter PPK. Could be Twilight Zone or Outer Limits they both had odd intros.
Randy Edwards

Brian said...

Randy- You are the James Bond expert that's for sure.

Maybe it looks more like a cameras shutter.

Neal said...

It looks like the opening credits to The Green Hornet to me. It had that spiral pattern and the hornet would slowly spin toward the camera while Al Hirt played a jazzy version of Flight of the Bumblebee on his trumpet. You have the coolest photos from your childhood. Thanks for sharing.

Brian said...

Neal- Hey I bet your right. I think Green Hornet followed right after Batman so I was in the TV zone.

I just watched a Batman episode yesterday where Green Hornet and Kato popped out a window and talked to Batman as he and robin scaled a wall.

Thanks for coming and commenting!