Mar 13, 2009



"Straker looked at the model. His career was at stake."

I found the shows opening sequence on Youtube.

1980 was the future. Fishnet shirts? Sadly I had one. Purple hair? A little bit in 1980 but more prevalent today.


Brian Ashmore said...

I like how in the distant, advanced future of 1980, information is still being spewed out on a typewriter.

Sure, it's a fast one... but still.

Brian said...

The type writer they got right.

In 1980 that was the fastest printer.

I took a typing class back then not keyboarding and the class was on manual typewriters. The good students got to use he electric ones.

The first printer I had for my computer was a dasiywheel printer which is the same thing as the electric typewriter but instead of a ball it was a disk so the same thing done differently. That was in the 90's I think.