Mar 16, 2009

House 4

It took me a while to figure out where in the house Mom is in this construction picture.

She is in the living room and the hole in the wall is where the fireplace will go.

The tub in the "boys" bathroom upstairs.

Dry wall stacked in Chads room on the second floor of the house.


Brett said...

Dad's got the "boys'" bathroom tore down to almost that picture again.

Ryan said...

Chad's room looks like the studs are not 18" on center - more like 20". Do you suppose those guys fudged to save pine, or is it different for interior walls?

I think Dad has a whole new respect for home building. He is wittling away at the bath redo. It just takes time - and he has plenty of that now that our babysitting time has passed.

Emmalea said...

That is too weird.Someone is using my google account! Who is RYAN?