Oct 29, 2010


I thought some of you might be scrambling for a costume idea for this weekend so here are my kids and friends all dressed up.

Megan likes owls.
This is her interpretation of an owl Princess.
I think she nailed it.

She added some eyes but I think they make her look coo-coo for coco puffs.

Elaine adding Megan's wings.

Joel as David Beckham.

Here is an original idea for you.
Levi and Hope went as two boogers on a napkin.
I bet you have never thought of that one before.

Here are the Bryant's as the Flintstones.

Kristen as a biker chick and Mindy as a rapper Batgirl.

Mike as Osama Bin Laden.

We also had a deer hunter, eighties girl and a couple of nerds.

1 comment:

Emmalea said...

Megan - Paige loves your whole aura but I request you never paint up your eyes like that again...please :(
Love Joel's tattoos - because he can take them off.
Love those little boogers on a napkin - Nana's fav!
Papaw wants to know why Robby didn't dress up - he looks like that every Sunday.
We saw Beth on Nerd Day at ICHS. She was dressed quite convincingly. But I liked Pebbles better.