Oct 27, 2010

Reunion 2010

The day started out with some good preaching from Cousin Brett.

The chicken was excellent as well as the other meats.

The secret sauce! I had mine dipped and also took some extra sauce in a cup.

Elaine and my niece Delaney. Nice shirt Delaney!

Kids playing cards.

Pictures of the siblings.

A little music provided by Joel.

Me and my brother Brett.

Our families kept saying that they could tell us apart form behind.

Brett is normally bald but was sprouting hair this year which caused the confusion.

I saw him the other day and he was bald again. I figured he couldn't handle trying to keep up with my sense of style.

We also went and visited my Uncle Joe.

1 comment:

Brian Ashmore said...

Looks like a good time! ... and that's A LOT of sauce.

You and Brett do look a lot alike when he's growing hair... kind of like those old pictures of you guys next to the car. I can tell which one you are, though, because you are quite a few years OLDER than Brett... and Brett's my age. Not that you look older, must be the wisdom in your eyes. I think that comes with AGE, also.

I think you have to be OLDER, also, to have kids getting married. Heh, heh.

Great post.