Nov 2, 2010


It has been a busy fall for us.

Our youngest son, Joel, played soccer which meant we were on the road a lot.

Joel is number 21.

This pretty much how Elaine and I viewed his games. Eyes on Joel.

Megan, Adam, Levi, Hope, family and friends from Church often helped us cheer him on from the sidelines.

His team won their conference and entered into the State tournament with high hopes of being State champs.

Once in the tourney they played well.

They went further than their team had ever gone before.

Friday's night game ended in a tie which went into overtime.
This also ended in a tie.
So then it went into a shootout. Which ended in a tie!

So it went into a sudden death shoot out.

The teams opponents went first and they missed.

So it is our turn to kick and the Coach sent Joel to kick.

Watch the fun.

Here are some still shots of the winning goal .

Jersey over the head!

Clothes-lined by team mates and then piled on!

This put them into the final game and farther than the school has ever gotten in the state tournament.

Here are some highlights.

We were winning at half time 1-0 but lost the game 4-1.

After each game the team came and clapped for the fans and their support.

Thanks for the fun boys. Second at state is not to bad.

Joel had Sunday off and started basketball practice the following Monday.
Elaine and I get two weeks off and then it is back on the road.


Me said...

It was a good season! I enjoy our time on the road and I am looking forward to an AWESOME basketball season!!!

Brian Ashmore said...

It was fun hearing about those final games. Even though they didn't take first, they did really well... something to be very proud of.

I got a kick out of the photo with four Joels. That's really how it is, isn't it? You tend to stay focused on your own player out there. A lot of times, someone will ask, "Who scored that last shot?" If it wasn't one of mine, I usually have no idea because I wasn't paying close enough attention to who was where on the field.

Brian B said...

Spoken like a true soccer Dad.