Nov 15, 2010

Oh oh SpaghettiOs

oh oh SpaghettiOs

I loved SpaghettiOs.
We even had a spoon, with the Chef on top, that we mailed in for.


Angel said...

I loved them too!!!

karen said...

Hey, I think that's what we had for one of your Birthdays! we all loved spaghettios.

Brian B said...

A Spaghettios themed birthday party sounds like something I would have.

Emmalea said...

OK - what child eats spaghettios and does not have an orange face...and bib? Answer: No child

Just so you know the real facts. I was so proud of Brian for being able to eat chicken noodle soup all by himself. He LOVED the noodles and I wish I had a video of this triumph. It would be YouTube worthy. But, I only had the Kodak Instamatic camera and the moment cemented in my memory. He did learn to like the spaghettios over the slippery chicken noodle soup, but I didn't introduce them until I figured out how I would get the orange stain out of everything. And that's the truth.
Love MOM :o)