Nov 12, 2010

The Piano


Playing piano with my Grandma.
My guess is that this is around 1967.

Is it just me pr is the lamp shade upside down on the lamp?


Brian Ashmore said...

Yep, looks upside down to me, too.

I'm digging all these little animated photos... they're cracking me up.

Brian B said...

Good because I am having fun making them.

Emmalea said...

I think Grandma Butler knew you would have fun with that photo someday. On the other hand, she was resourceful. Think about it. Why waste all that light shining down when light could bounce off the ceiling and give more ambiance to the room?
This is a "remake" of a favorite photo we took of you and Grandma at the piano when you were less than a year old. I loved that photo.

karen said...

Love the great Effects you put on photos! great Picture of you and Grandma. karen