Nov 17, 2010

Roasting Marshmallows


This is how it usually turns out.

Mom and I at Yellow-wood forest.


Brian Ashmore said...

These are SO awesome! Cool family memories and fun little animations, too. I love the bird in the last one. How about a flying saucer? :)

I think your Mom's got a point on the SpaghettiOs. Orange gets EVERYWHERE. I loved 'em, too, though.

Brian B said...

Mind reader!
I have already done a couple with flying saucers in them.

Have you found them in some of the previous posts?

A few other pictures have stuff other that flying saucers hidden in them as well.

Brian Ashmore said...

Doh! I haven't seen any saucers yet. Are these recent posts you are talking about?

Brian B said...

No. They are in some older pictures.

Emmalea said...

OK - this is my favorite animation so far. You are amazing!!
Is there any way you can tag all your photos with hidden stuff. I remember some of them early on in this blog.
Thanks for the fun. Can't help but wonder how God is going to use that talent HE's given you in the Kingdom.