Nov 18, 2010


Licking Dog

Me getting licked by my Grandparents dog.


karen said...

I Loved that must have something on your face!karen

Brian B said...

Do you remember it's name?

karen said...

No, But I Like Lucky.If my Mom was here she would know,she had a great memory.

Emmalea said...

Dad and I remembered the same name for the dog. His name was March. Don't remember why. She had another dog named Jack about that time too.
March was LUCKY to have a good home with all the table scraps he could eat. So, you are right too, Karen.

Ike said...

That was my dog March. Got him as a pup in March
while visting Odell in Indianapolis. I taught him to
shake hands. I left home he stayed they said he got
in the road and a car ran over him