Jul 8, 2009

Batman: The Animated Series, View Master 1993


Batman the Dark Knight.

This is a three disk set of the great animated cartoon series from the 1990's, Batman: The Animated Series.

I was busy working, enjoying being married and having kids at the time and didn't know anything Batman was coming out. Then my brother in law, Danny, who is a few years younger than me told me about the series.

My kids had plenty of the Bat toys and clothing as a result of this great series.
I am glad my kids got to enjoy Batman in their own way growing up.
Plus they got to enjoy it my way too. I had taped many Adam West bat episodes shows for them to cut their teeth on. They wore them out so I am VERY greatful to my friend who has recently sent me replacements of a much higher quality of the episodes.

I am glad my kids are Batfans too.

I hope to post a new family photo of us in our new hero shirts soon.

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Brian Ashmore said...


I loved this show!! I remember seeing a preview for it at the 1992 San Diego Comic Con. FINALLY, someone was going to do justice to the character in animated form!

This show started the Fall that my wife and I got married...so I have great memories of it being on every afternoon. I think it may have been the first signal to my wife that she may have married someone a bit strange. I don't think she knew what to make of her new husband having to rush home after work to see the new Batman cartoon for the day. Heh, heh.