Jul 31, 2009


I thought I would tell all of you about some of the recent things I have been up to lately.

I recently made a website for Faulkenberg Printing Company.

It is still under construction but most of it is done. Be sure to go there and click around and tell me what you think about it.

Click here = Faulkenberg Printing

I also teamed up with another Brian and started another blog called Under The Giant Penny.

The two of us will be sharing our Bat-collections here for all the world to see.
Not only will we post things from our Batman collections but also stories that are attached to them.

We will copost every Friday with random posts from each of us as we come across goodies that we can't wait to share.

Many of you have been kind to me over the years and given me many Bat-things.
So check in every now and then and see if I have posted one of your kind gifts.

Click Here = Under The Giant Penny

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