Jul 16, 2009

Drop Kicked

Brett high jumping in 1977 or did Tim Setser drop kick him?

I have tried to explain to my kids what we had to land on when high jumping back then.

Here it is, nets full of foam pieces.
We had a cinder track and the pad was full of cinders too.
When you landed they would fly in your eyes.

I remember going to a meet at Hauser and dropping out of the competition at 6 foot because the padding did so little to cushion the fall. I still got second but at 5 11 it knocked the wind out of me when I landed.

I was glad when we got new pads and a paved track.

Dad said when he high jumped they landed in sawdust but they didn't do the Fosbury flop like we did. He scissored over the bar.


Emmalea said...

Tim Setser drop kicking you....TOO FUNNY! How did you guys survive without horrible life threatening injuries? We even drove without seat belting you in securely.

We all did the best we could and never knew we were jeapordizing your well being. God truly was present!

karen said...

I high jumped in high school. I also was like your dad, i also scissored over the bar. cousin karen

Brian B said...

Karen: I didn't know you high jumped?
Wow, we are family.