Jul 27, 2009

Kentucky Derby

Mom, Dad and me.
This was the spring of 1965 before I was born.

Also this is the only time I have been to the Kentucky derby.

Mom told me that bubblegum was winning in the stretch that year but that cabbage ended up winning by a head.

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Emmalea said...

Ahh yes -- you do remember those special little stories I would tell you as we rocked and rocked. Either that or - perhaps has your following figure out you have a very creative memory and I enable you? I do not remember ever seeing any children at the KY Derby. We did go a couple more times - but the infield became nastier each year. It was not even a fit place for 2-bit gamblers like us....much like the infield at the 500 changed to the Snake Pit it has become. I have another couple of stories I can share with you now that you are grown up --- next time you let me rock your world! Lov ya Bri! ~ Mom