Jul 31, 2009


Here is my Mother the artist in 1973.

Looks like she is at an art fair in front of a Woolworth's store.
My guess is that this is in Beechgrove.

Look like she has Brett and I working the other table for her.

Mom was sitting in front of her paintings while Brett and I are in front of the craft table.
I remember helping make these or watching Mom makes these and feeling like I helped.
She used walnut halves and turned them into owls.

I remember these being around the house too.
I think it was different colored beans behind glass. Classic 70's.
I see an owl on one of the selves too.

I do remember making these and I still might have one in my possesion.
It is a donkey made from clothes pins. He even had googly eyes.

I wonder why I don't remember anyone buy from our table?
Wouldn't you trust these to to make change for you?


Emmalea said...

The spot in front of Woolworths is actually the old Eastgate Mall, Indianapolis far East side.

Emmalea said...
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