Apr 1, 2010

Mom and Sally

Mom with a friend named Sally.

The quilt wall behind them is made out of real fabric that we pasted to the wall. Very 70's.

The shelf with all the goodies on it came out of a barn.
I think it was a place where the chickens to roosted.

The apple head guy is clearly seen. Also mentioned HERE and HERE

I also see a frog that Mom painted on a rock and an old insulator off a power line.

What other oddities are there?

A baby doll under glass. (Mom will have to give us the details on this one.)

A tin type picture of Mom with her Mother and my Aunt Carol.

In the corner to the right is a picture of Mom with her brothers and sister.

A picture of us boys hangs in the same cubbyhole with a with a fake rabbit.
A candle frog and a "Ted's Best" label off a sack of potatoes is also here.

The five is there because there were five of us in the family at the time.
Contrary to popular belief it is not there because Mom was a big Jackson five fan.

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Emmalea said...

Awww-lots of memories. Sally was a good ol' girl - Dad use to sing that song....but - Sally is a good OLD girl now. She was the kid's 3rd grade teacher and became the school librarian - now retired.

I still have the frog rock painting setting on a shelf. I painted probably a ton of rocks and sold them. It was a hot item that moved quickly at our shop, the Calico Frog in Nashville, IN.

OK the doll in the glass jar was awarded to me in 1st grade for selling the most cookies for school fundraiser. My teacher, Mrs. Santry, crocheted the outfit and it was a prize possession that I have kept now for....56 years! HEY - I have an antique! Uh-O - I AM an antique!