Apr 2, 2010


Easter at Grandma Whites was always a good time.
Good food, Grandma Whites eclairs anyone?, and cousins always made it fun.

I love the picture at the top.
It reminds me of cartoon gangs that were on Television at the time.
When you were watching stuff like, Scooby Doo Where are you?, The Funky Phantom and The Hair Bear Bunch it is bound to come out in your clothing style.

See what I mean?

I am not sure what Uncle Ed was watching that influenced his green suit choice but it was probably ANYTHING on prime time television at the time.

It must have been a really nice weather that Easter.

We played football that day. What a great time. I remember bits and pieces of that day in Grandma's yard.
Specifically that I kept stepping in dog doo.
I can always find it. It is a gift I have.

Cousin Sondra is looking like she is ready for the Bicentennial with her outfit.

Hey look her twin Rhonda has on a matching shirt! Crazy how that happens.

More pictures of that day can be found HERE.

Have a nice Easter.

If your out there cousins, from both sides of the family, say hey in the comments.


dlou62 said...

Mom must of made us wear those because it was Easter. We didn't usually dress the same by that time. Have you figured out who the girl is in the photo? She is in the first photo an one other. The picture you posted on your mom's birthday blew my husbands mind. He didn't realize that I looked that much like my mom. So when the wrinkles start coming he should be ready now. Hope you all had a great Easter!

Brian B said...

I don't know who that girl is.

I thought maybe she was one of your friends.