Apr 1, 2010

April Fools day


I have been had twice today!

The boss tried to get me first thing today by telling me that my Jeep was on fire but I didn't fall for that one.

Later in the day I get an email from Brian A that says "Hey, just an fyi, it looks like WMDS is down. I just get a screen that says, "blog removed due to content." What's that about?"

I thought What? I just posted something earlier.

So I replied "It is fine here though I have had trouble lately here and at home. Blogger must be having issues. Yesterday I could see everything fine but at home blogger wouldn't load any images.

Weird I just posted there today.
Give me a screen shot."

So being the helpful friend he is he did.

Here it is.

Man I feel for that one hard but my day is not done.

My daughter Megan sends me a text that reads.
"Did you hear that they are having a Batman convention in Bloomington?"

Wow! I thought. That is close to home. So I want to know more details so I text back.
"No! Where did you see that?"

Bam! I had been had again.

Her reply was "Haha! April Fools! Got you, didn't I?"

Yes she did.

Did anyone get you today?


Brian Ashmore said...

Ha! Man, that kitten animation is HILARIOUS!!

No fooling.

karen said...

Yes Brian, you are so good at these animation! I Love It. cousin karen