Apr 16, 2010

Never Bored

This slide shows Mom, my brother Chad and me in 1977.

Mom has our attention and is looking at her elbow.
I don't know if this was what she was saying right then but when I saw this picture I could hear the words she was saying to us as clear as a bell.
"Boys remember this. Never put anything in your ear except your elbow!"
Which we would immediately try to do.

Mom taught us to never be bored. There was always something to do, explore or create.

She put on puppet shows with her bare hands, Righty and Lefty.

She always has a pet with her. Making her hand walk around like a dog sniffing and barking at things it finds which are usually small ticklish children.

Grab her thumb and wind it up and it flops crazily around until it needs wound up again.

If you push her nose her tongue pops out. Pulling on her earlobes makes it move left to right. Pushing her nose again returns her tongue to its home.

All of that is if she has nothing but herself!
Give her paper, string, glue, leaves, sticks or virtually ANY object and you have everything you ever wanted.

I love to watch her entertain my kids, my nieces and nephews and any other person she has ever met.

Kids today don't need batteries, toys or television they need an imagination.

Thanks for giving me an imagination Mom.
Your right. I have never worn mine out or gotten tired of it yet.
I can honestly say I can't ever remember being bored.

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Emmalea said...

Well, that post surprised me. You made me cry! Thanks for not presenting it that your mom was crazy as a loon - others have thought that. Dad has often said he has enough proof to commit me to a mental institution. (I think he is kidding....) I found that those "toys" I shared with you are internationally received without any adapters. They made it through security checks in Central America, The Netherlands, and Canada -- however, I didn't show them my "guns". LOVE YOU!