Apr 7, 2010

Dad's Birthday

In my new tradition of posting "Happy Birthdays!" early so I won't forget them, Happy Birthday Dad!

We celebrate your photography and what you saw every week here at WMDS.

Your work both behind and in front of the camera is inspiring.

It inspires some more than others though.

Take your Grandson, Levi, for example.
He was clicking through the pictures on the websiteyesterday and was quite inspired by you ever changing beard.

He latched on to one style and decided that he had to try it.

I think he looks quite a bit like you. What do you think?

You almost look like twins!

I sent him a text message to see what the people at work thought of his new style and here is his reply.

"You know that look you get when you have something hanging out of your nose but nobody wants to tell you and they try not to look at you. Ha ha all day..."

I told him to enjoy it and he said he is.

Until his fiance see it.



A City Girl said...

I love the post. I can't believe how much Levi truly looks like your father. I also chuckled because right before I logged on Danny sent me a picture text of Levi's new beard. I just hope Danny doesn't get any ideas! lol

Me said...

Wow! I knew they looked alike but that is CRAZY! The profile shot is something else.

I can imagine no one knew just what to say to him when they saw him. LOL

I am not sure how long Hope will let him keep it that way though.

Emmalea said...
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Emmalea said...

Those Butlers! Hot and Handsome repeats itself!

I never really thought about how much those to Butler Boys look alike. I agree with Elaine, "The profile shot is something else."!

Hopefully the Butler men pick up a few more "good" traits from the Patriarch of the family. Happy Birthday Teddy Bear!