Apr 9, 2010


My brother Chad by the creek in1974.

The tree behind him was a vital place for us when we were younger.
It wasn't a big tree but it was a unique tree.
One limb of this tree arched over the creek and we could jump up, grab it and swing across the creek when it was to wide for us to just jump over.

Thanks Mom and Dad for giving us a place to jump and crawl around as kids.

I think they were still building the house when this slide was taken.
Chads plane is made out of scrap lumber from the construction site.

Does he have his pants on backwards or were they made that way?

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Emmalea said...

Your welcome. It was scary to take the big mortgage plunge - but the draw of a good country life childhood for you guys swayed us at the thought of that childhood being spent in inner city.

We've never been sorry for making that big decision. God sure has blessed us. We've been debt free for 16 years - so we REALLY enjoy this place now! Another added joy was seeing grandkids play here too.