Apr 6, 2010

Final Four

The final four was in town so the boys and I went to check it out some of the action.

Big ole building to play basketball in.

We had been here before but to watch motocross.

Butler vs. Michigan State.

The entrance is all decorated for the game and to block out as much of the Sun as they could.

This was a open practice to watch Butler.
Admission was free and the fans came rolling in to watch and cheer Butler on.

They said close to 40,000 people came to watch them practice.

Joel is amazed by how many people are there.
Levi isn't impressed with the view we had though.
We sat on the short end of the court and you could see that much.
I can't believe people would pay money to sit here.

We were impressed by this giant fan!

West Virgina took the court after Butler and a lot of the people began to leave.
Including us.

Sadly the road ended differently than Butler fans had hoped it would but it was a great game.

Long walk back to the car.
Walking was faster than driving though if you were anywhere near Lucas Oil Stadium.

Over all Joel was impressed!


Me said...

You need to explain that our boys usually dress a little nicer when out in public but they had camped the night before and neither had been home to shower or change.

There, I had to get that off my chest.


Angel said...

Thanks for clarifying Elaine! I could smell them from here! LOL!